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Title: I can hardly stay behind, can I..
Post by: Speedy on September 29, 2014, 03:51:03 PM
Though I recall starting this, what with the announcement.. Still, let me do this proper.

Hello everyone! I am the one known as Speedy. I've been the webhost of several minor sites, the most notable being The Realm of Comics.. and my forums, starting with the Role Playing Zone and later on NeoRPZ. Nowhere near ol' Purpler's success, though..

Anyway, my name in the, 'offline world', so to speak, would be Duane. I've known Strider since the SMMD / Robotropolis days, though.. well, let's face it.. I was.. Young and impressionable.. Ah, the memories. Now where was I.. ah yes.

My birthday would be the 30th of September. Born in 1989, that makes me.. 24 right now. Ask me again in an hour or so, and I'm changing that answer, heh. Unlike Strider, I haven't exactly got a job.. or kids.. Rather grateful for that second one. As for the former, I'm still studying. Going for my bachelor in IT and I'm reading up on Unity. In MY spare time, I like to play games. A lot of them.

What am I? I'm a student, a sprite editor, an avid writer, a beginning visual artist and a horrible audio artist. I'm working on it. I like to be creative, thus I am. Not very good, but everything can be polished.

The Syntax Partnership was originally my idea. It stemmed from how Nic and I basically already worked together on a few things, but.. I still often felt left out. It was usually his project we were working on, and while I had some glimpses of things or nice little engine updates to test, it wasn't so much a partnership as just a friend helping out another. And then we both kinda wanted to do a Megaman thing, and we got into a minor partnership for that and at some point, I just went 'dude, why don't we actually start a proper partnership?'... and that's the entire story, really.

Okay, I might've rushed over a few parts, but that should be it.  I may've also outshined Purpler's introduction by a lot, so I'll cut myself off here for now, and leave any remaining info for whoever has a question to ask. ;)

And again.. Welcome to the Syntax Partnership.