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Title: A note for our current members...
Post by: Speedy on September 16, 2014, 11:46:10 AM
Good day. My name is Speedy, I am the owner of the domain as well as one of two founders of the Syntax Partnership.

The domain has been in my possession for quite a few years now. It's been hosted for several reasons, though the longest running reason would be the Role Playing Zone, or NeoRPZ. This was a forum, or multiple forums as time would have it, that focused mostly on running roleplays. Cue the groans of how obvious THAT was, what with the name..

It's had a good run, but I'm soon going to end it. I will keep the forum up in a sort of archive mode, so that people will come back, but soon enough, this specific part of the site will take over the domain. Will it stay hosted on the 'strider' subdomain? Probably. I have decided it's more trouble than it's worth to move everything and fix the upcoming flaws.. it will be easier to simply change the current redirection.

For now, you can consider this forum to be in a state of development. A hidden 'behind the scenes' forum where we already work on the Syntax Partnership and the games we would like to deliver. Right now, the only members are those working on development as well as close friends who can help jumpstart the forum with activity.. an act I have admittedly been foregoing, as I am lacking the time to do so.

Once the Syntax Partnership goes public properly, there will be a sort of grand opening with a nice little storyline of how the partnership came to be and... well, maybe more. We haven't decided yet, and I'm kinda already stretching things by making this post without Strider, heh..

Anyway, without further ado.. Welcome to the Syntax Partnership forums.